THE GARDEN STORY – Hector Ahumada – To myself

According to a few
this started thousand of years ago.
When a female told to a male:
“Hurry up and eat that fucking fruit
and let’s get the hell out of here.
And do not forget a few big fig leaves
in the way out.”
So you can cover your testicles
and I my pubic hair.
Later, thousand of years later
historian and scholars have not agreed on
what kind of fruit it was.
An apple? A pomegranate? A mango?
It all depends who is repeating the story.
But the issue is what was in that fruit
that created such change in human civilization.
Vitamins? antioxidants? enzymes?
What kind of organic chemicals were in that fruit?
The ancient Babylonian story states
that after eating the fruit some strange phenomenon
took place on their minds.
The original couple could eat from this or from that
but not from that one.
Because that one would enlarge their consciousness
and they would have no need for a spiritual pimp
and they will be totally responsible for themselves.
And in the exodus from the garden on their footprints
garlic and onions grew.
So the choice was Shakespearian, to obey or not to obey.
If they obey they will remain in their original state.
If they disobey there will be human civilization,
wars, misery, exploitation, USA, Germany, Great Britain,
atomic bombs, Jewish Holocaust, United Nations,
out of space exploration and free pornography in the internet.
You are missing the big picture papa.
You are twisting ancient stories with the intellectual will.
None differentiating between the inherent
and the constructive meaning of words.
You are confusing a living G-d with another G-d
who is in coma in an intensive care unit.
In the beginning there was a woman and a man in a garden.

11/02/2016 USA. SLC. Alchemy Cafe

nora tahareinu sagvenu amchah rinat kabel Gvurah 2

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