“There is a crack in everything G-d has made” Emerson.
c.a. Leibow is among the poets that make us see the cracks in the American culture.
He, unconditionally, shares with us his enormous capacity for compassion and love in his poems.
He had made a “suits” for many of the Saltlakecitian poets, I am one of them.
c.a. Leibow brings back news of what the world is, to a segment of the American society that has been subjugated by religion.
It is with admiration and respect that Cilantro Journal includes his poems.

Sometimes I Feel like A Tailor

Who is making suits for everyone
I clap three times.
The feeling is still there.
I sew a bird to my heart to
Make myself feel lighther.
It only makes the bird
I unravel my own history
From the hem of my heart.
The thread is long
Lines of cars stuck in traffic
Heading to a wedding.
I am not sad.
But I know what the moon knows
Over an abandoned house.
Over a graveyard
Over a fresh dug grave.

a.c. Leibow

The Minotaur

            For Jess

watching a small
white kitten play

with a red ball
of string

watching you laugh
after sadness

I think of Theseus
leading the way out

of the maze.

a.c. Leibow

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