There are three kinds of karmas:
Those karmas being expressed and exhausted through this birth.
Those new karmas created during birth.
Those karmas waiting to be fulfilled in future births.
Sri Patanjali, Raja Yoga

She drank the wine slowly,
extending the pleasure
of the alcohol into her blood.
While rolling a cigarette
she said:
“With the existence of the root,
there will be also fruits.
The karmas bring pleasures and pain,
fulfillment and frustrations.
No one can make you happy,
or unhappy, you see.
Stop dreaming me,
I choose to be with you.”

There she was.
Tall, thin, pulpous lips.
Well dressed.
Looking like
waking up from a long sleep.
Her image reminded me of a doll,
that in her infancy my sister had.

My name is Laura, a goddess
for the people in between.
I know your story,
you are from Chile…
Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.

In a poem, in a dream.
She asked me if it is all right
to have a beautiful face.
She asked, can you define love for me.
Her pupils smiled,
and pronouncing every word,
very carefully she ended:
“Well, will you be OK when I leave?
I am a phenomena of your nature.
I do what I can, and pass by.
I am not attached to anything.”

© 2007 Héctor Ahumada

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