Richard Cronshey

Richard Cronshey

Many years have passed and we still have the same lover.
How generous she has been with both of us. “La Poesia.”
I enjoyed the experience to read the elegant free verses of
R. Cronshey. They are transparent and persuasive in given us what
the poetic present has given him.
His poems create, express, and give form to a rich and magical emotional world with a nonexistent borders with the real.
“For now take this black rock and go on polishing it.
A golden cricket lives in it, listen;
a tiny blue loom.”
“The Snow and The Snow” Poems by R.Cronshey.

Lost in Probate

        To my children

I leave you a mirror in an empty house.
Keep it near you.
I leave you my disappearance,
a place of pilgrimage to which you need not travel.
Be still and it will find you.
I leave you this body and conjuring solitude,
sister of the widowed cities,
sister of their black windows;
an uncreated wilderness
where emptiness seduces emptiness,
a ring of quicksilver singing itself to sleep inside you.
And here is the sound of waves breaking far out at sea
and here is the mother of this motherless opacity.
Here are the black windows and the snow,
delicious emotions, rogue energies, nested silences;
abandoned casinos of delirium where you exist,
the ghost of a ghost for centuries listening
to the inconsolable pulsation behind the stars.

Richard Cronshey

Sweet Thing

Snowmelt through snowmelt
Orphans of ourselves these many years.
Let the heart be reconciled with heart at last.

There is a laughing power that releases into itself
utterly, flashing, and is here and ours.

We see that we must relinquish everything;
that we have always been this relinquishing.

Cradled in the circle of the breath,
an amber, a folding together
beyond all efforts.

New snow, first light, the presence
in which birth and death are reconciled.

Elemental space offered to elemental space,
this is our true ancestor.

To be here with this weaving and unweaving forever,
wedded to the weaving of empty world.

Richard Cronshey

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