SARAH – To Syrian girls

Her name was Sarah.
She was thirteen years old.
A missile exploded in her room.
What traditional pattern should I use to write this poem?
What poetic expressions should I use
to give coherence and continuity to this event?
The girl’s dead body was trapped
under cement and brick fragments.
While her home was consumed by fire.
The poets of the modern world have sung against:
Nazism, Communism, Capitalism, and dehumanization.
Their authentic and sincere voices have not ignore:
Injustice,genocide, and occupation.
The body of the girl was just a mass of burned flesh and bones.
Perhaps is the time to create new poetic expressions
to denounce the ideologies of the creators of wars.
Her name was Sarah, she was thirteen years old,
and I found no Poetry for her.

Hector Ahumada 10/18/2016. USA.

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