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Devine Temptation

The number of USA soldiers death in Irak is more than four thousands.
USA economy is in the hands of a few rich oil bussines men.
Islamic countries are in the way to nuclear technology.
Colombian drug dealers are transporting cocaine in sumarines to different part of the world.
The temperature of the earth is increasing due to the excesive production of pollutans.
USA is obligated to change its way of life because the use of oil.
Hunger and diseases are in the increase all over the world.
USA, England and other dependent countries from are at war with extreme Islamic regimes.
What a divine temptation for a writer to joint the constantly changing reality and create literature as a reflection of the times.
What do you have to say? Asked me Andy Hoffman yesterday.
And the only thing it came to my mind was, “What is hateful to you, do not do unto your neighbor.” Hillel .
Then, I remember something I read few months ago, Pablo Neruda wrote poetry not poems.

An interesting Jew: Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein’s letter in which qualified all religions as “Infantile supertitions” was sold in London for 260,000 Euros, this month.
The letter is dated 01/03/1954. In the content are Eistein’s comments about: ” The word G-d for me is nothing more that the expression of human fear, and human weakness.”
“The bible is an honorable collection of primitive leyends.”
“The Jews, people to whom I belong to, is not a different group of people. It is like any other group of people. Judaism like the other religions is an encarnation of infantile supertitions.”
The letter was sent to Eric Gutkind, based on this letter we can expeculate that A. Einstein had no much attraction to conventional religions. He did not like to be identified as an atheist neither.
In 1926 in a letter to Max Born he wrote: “You believe in a G-d that plays dices. I believe in laws and absolute orders of a world that objectively exists.”

We’re back, again!

I am an immigrant poet who believes that peace is possible. I came to USA in 1974 in search of opportunities of education, work, peace and democracy. Essentially, I am a reader who experiences life and poetry.

Poetry is an ever-constant new event which gives reason to my existence. Authenticity requires from me to write the least amount of poetry with a specific audience in mind. Sincerity, in the other hand, connects me with the DNA and History of the Chilean people.

On this website I am Ulysses, and I welcome you to my Odyssey. In my poetic journey I found no revelation or recipe on how to write a poem. I have experienced that life is made of poetry and that language is constantly changing. I understand and admire the traditional poetic patterns of different cultures, but in what it relates to my work, I do not believe in formulas.

Language is not the invention of academicians and intellectuals. Language did not come from universities, libraries, or language departments. Language has evolved through time in the voices of teachers, students, farmers, construction workers, healers, fishermen, shoemakers, etc.

Language came from the earth, the water, the air, fire, river, night.