Registration & Forms

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1. Registration procedure

  1. Come to the dojo and chat with sensei Adam
  2. Fill in the USA Judo Form
  3. Fill in the USA Stars of SLC form & waiver
* A required annual membership to USA Judo ($40 for kids & $70 for 17+ years old) entitles you to USA Judo Excess Accident Medical Insurance for any injury occurring at a sanctioned event or scheduled training session among other benefits. After you have come to the dojo and talked to the sensei (teacher) you can go online and further inform yourself here => To register online with USA Judo, go to =>  USA JUDO Join You will want to select USA Judo New Member and follow the instructions there.

2. Please download and sign the waiver

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Clicking on the >> at the top right of the pdf document pops up a menu with the Download & Print buttons.

3. Rules of the dojo

  • Obey the sensei’s instructions
  • Bodies must be clean and nails clipped
  • Judogi must be clean and in good condition
  • Wear judogi properly
  • No jewelry
  • No eating in the dojo
  • No idle talk on the mat
  • Be courteous and helpful to each other
  • Use the correct bows entering and exiting the mat
  • Sit properly on the mat
  • Keep dojo clean and in good repair
  • Remember the spirit of Judo